Information Technology

Our approach to IT ensures that our services are robust, scalable and consistent. Whether it is solution definition, development, deployment and support or leveraging economies of scale, we can help with our experience and knowledge of technology.

We focus on IT product management, IT service management, IT infrastructure service delivery, enterprise architecture, IT project delivery and systems integration to deliver effective IT solutions that improve customer confidence and generate value to your business.

Our skilled people and consistent processes make it happen, and our approach to IT ensures:
  • Improved cost effectiveness and usability
  • Delivery of IT solutions that are appropriate for their purpose
  • Increased quality and reduced risk
  • Solutions that are designed, built and implemented quicker through the re-use of existing components, increased awareness of functionality and availability of information
  • Reduced up-front investment in new technology and ongoing support coasts by leveraging existing vendor, technology and resource arrangements
  • Systems are aligned to provide a strong and robust platform
SAP ERP Solution:
  • Global Trade Logistics
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Custom Brokerage
  • Warehouse management
  • Real-Time RF operation
  • EDI interface
  • Value-add Work
  • Small Parcel Shipping
  • RFID process
i2 Technology Solution:
  • Transportation management
  • Carrier selection
  • Load optimization
  • EDI interface
  • POD management
  • Billing & Payment audit
IT Solution:
  • Electronic Data Interchange
  • Systems Integration
  • Leading edge IT application
  • Shipment visibility
  • Product data
  • Warehouse management (SAP)
  • Transportation/Freight management (i2)
  • Evaluate trade partner performance
  • Improve scheduling and document accuracy
  • Web based track & trace