Customs Brokerage

With global sourcing on the rise and new free trade agreements coming into effect, customs issues are becoming an increasingly important piece of the supply chain. Prompt and effective clearance of international cargo is critical to the success of any global supply chain. As an All-In-One logistics solutions provider, Frontier Logistics Services Customs Brokerage department deploys one of the industry's most extensive customs brokerage operations. Our customs service focuses on the compliance, release, and reporting needs of the marketplace, which we refer to as the "customs value tributary."

Our team incorporates a network of licensed customs brokers, import and export specialists at two different locations (Los Angeles & Chicago) in North America. We strive for the most efficient processes, aligned with customer requirements, using the best combination of human effort and intelligence, and advanced technology. Our compliance information is a key input to the release process, and we are focused on it flowing smoothly and accurately.

We emphasize minimizing the time involved in the release process, so our customers overall supply chain processes are not obstructed. In an efficient supply chain process, any hold up in customs clearance is time wasted, and we are focused on eliminating that waste.

We are constantly driving greater accuracy and depth into the release process to enable the analysis component of the customs value tributary. At Frontier Logistics Services, we strive to drive continuous improvement, ever-greater efficiency, and more intelligent use of people and technology to provide the best customs clearance service in the industry.

Customs services:
  • Experience since 1985
  • Broker license numbers 13866 and 22931
  • Local and national permits to remotely clear Customs for all US ports
  • C-TPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism)
  • ABI (Automated Brokerage Interface)
  • ACH (Automated Commercial Environment)
  • Management of imports and exports via land, sea and air
  • Coverage at major points of entry
  • Duty drawback
  • Protest preparation and filing
  • Duty and Tax calculation
  • Filing SIL (Supplemental Information Letter)
  • Filing PEA (Post Entry Amendment)